Nigerian Wire and Cable is justifiably proud of its highly advanced production equipment and facilities, its state-of-the-art technology, and the high quality and excellent performance thereby achieved in its products. NWC’s unchangeable priority is to supply its customers with the best Wires and Cables available in Nigeria. Here’s how NWC does it.

  • One

Top-grade raw material from around the world, systematically tested in accordance with NWC’s stringent quality standards, are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of the product.

  • Two

Highly automated production equipment-including many machines from Japan- and NWC’s dedication to maintaining cleanliness in its factory ensure that wires and cables made by NWC consistently have top quality and trouble free performance.

  • Three

Based on world famous Japanese quality control systems, NWC carries out strict quality control at every stage of the process rather than just at final inspection, so the customer can be sure that NWC’s high standards are maintained throughout the full length of the wire or cable.

Finally, NWC’s products are designed to fully comply both with Nigerian standards and with International standards such as SON, IEC and British requirements.